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            Data Analytics

            Ready to seize an opportunity in a growing field?

            At the turn of the new millennium, Major League Baseball was transformed by creative, new ways of crunching statistics and building competitive advantage (think Brad Pitt as Billy Beane in Moneyball). Today the field known as data analytics is not only commonplace in the world of sports; it is increasingly sought after in multiple arenas by companies looking to harness big data to guide decisions and gain an edge.

            Become a Data Explorer

            Drake’s major in Data Analytics will equip you to work with companies and organizations to scrutinize data—often massive amounts of it—conducting statistical analysis and finding relationships between various characteristics and outcomes. The work is wide-ranging, from figuring out new links between credit card habits and driving records to forecast whether a new virus will lead to a pandemic.

            A Profession in High Demand

            Individuals with these highly specialized skill sets are immensely critical in effective forecasting and decision-making, which is driving data analytics to become one of the fastest-growing, in-demand fields of the 21st century. Recent studies estimate that by 广西快3, the number of jobs for all US data professionals will increase by 364,000 openings to 2,720,000, according to .

            Diverse Job Prospects

            As a data analytics professional, you can carve out a career in just about any area that interests you— insurance (predictive modeling, underwriting, evaluating risk), computing (machine learning, computational modeling), mathematics (creating complex operations to examine real-world problems), sports (evaluating player performance), politics (forecasting election results), business (targeting social media advertising), health care (anticipating epidemics), education (individualizing lesson plans),and many more.

            Degree Options and Requirements

            Drake is unique among its peer institutions in offering an undergraduate major in Data Analytics, integrating study in mathematics, statistics, and computer science and preparing students for a broad variety of careers in multiple fields.

            The program is offered jointly through the College of Arts and Sciences (Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science) and the College of Business and Public Administration (Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Business Administration) and requires 44 hours of core coursework.

            In the College of Business and Public Administration, this is combined with a comprehensive grounding in business knowledge that allows you to apply data analytics in areas such as marketing, finance, or e-commerce. In the College of Arts and Sciences, you can contextualize your analytics skills through a set of available electives selected from a variety of fields.

            Drake also offers a minor in Data Analytics, requiring 21-22 credits in major coursework.

            Examples of Coursework:

            Quantitative modeling: Probability for Analytics, Statistical Modeling, Data Mining, and Generalized Linear Models

            Programming: Introduction to Computer Science I and II, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, Database Management, Microsoft Office Tools for Business Analysis

            Ethics in Data Analysis and a capstone course applying analytics skills to a real problem from a local organization.

            For more specific descriptions, visit www./analytics

            Internship Opportunities

            Drake is perfectly positioned to give you maximum experience and exposure to data analytics in the workplace. Take advantage of myriad opportunities for on-the-ground learning provided by Iowa’s capital city, a hub for insurance and financial services, national politics, data centers, bioscience, publishing, advanced manufacturing, and more. We are partnering with employers throughout the Greater Des Moines area who are eager to extend internships to students in this field. These employers will also be a rich source of future jobs for program graduates.

            Find Out More

            We love talking about the great things happening at Drake, but nothing beats a trip to campus. Let us know you’re coming and we’ll arrange for you to meet professors, sit in on a class, or just hang out with current students.


            Eric Manley
            College of Arts & Sciences

            Bradley Meyer
            College of Business & Public Administration


            Important Admission Dates

            Now - Apply for Admission: Fall 广西快3 term

            Now - Enroll for Fall 广西快3

            April 3 - Virtual Admitted Student Day