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            Custom Programming

            Program Overview

            Drake Online & Continuing Education offers a variety of custom programming for organizations looking to complement their talent development efforts, fill specific leadership gaps, and grow employee skills.

            Organizations can partner with Drake for measurable impact. 

            We work with your organization to design programs that reflect your organizational strategy and organization's culture, and deliver on your business goals.

            Drake’s customized programs are designed with a holistic approach to learning that emphasizes experience, exposure, and education to produce meaningful outcomes for individual employees and their organizations.

            Let us bring this high-impact approach to your workplace. 

            To learn more about custom programming or to discuss your options, email sarah.ramsey@ or call +515-271-2147.

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            Transactional to Transformational Leadership

            In today’s ultra-competitive marketplace, it is critical that leaders establish and articulate a compelling vision, develop their employees’ critical thinking skills, and create an engaged workforce on a foundation of mutual trust. Transformational change requires leaders to invest time in activities that drive performance.

            Suggested Objectives:

            • Understand the foundational components of transformational leadership
            • Recognize how urgency creates bad habits and transactional leadership behaviors
            • Understand the power of working “on” versus “in” the system
            • Create leverage through effective delegation
            • Clarify the differences between coaching and managing
            • Learn how to use questions to develop the critical thinking skills of others
            • Understand the importance of trust when coaching others
            • Leverage your calendar as a strategic tool to drive performance
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            Business Acumen

            Business Acumen

            Creating Customer Value

            In today’s hyper-competitive and highly informed marketplace, clearly defined value propositions that attract and retain profitable customers have never been more important.

            Suggested Objectives:

            • Clarify and inform attendees on the importance of creating, maintaining, and increasing customer value within a competitive marketplace
            • Relate customer value creation to various types of customers and paths to market/business models
            • Explain types of customer value that can be created and various methods to do so within the customer value chain

            Data Driven Decision Making

            Big data—don’t dismiss it as a buzz word. The fact is, being able to analyze, interpret, and utilize data to make crucial business decisions is quickly becoming one of the most valued skills in the marketplace. With Data Driven Decision Making, Drake works with your team to introduce basic concepts of employing data to assist in making decisions that will positively impact your organization and bottom line.

            Suggested Objectives:

            • Understand the importance of decision-making to the success of businesses
            • Understand and avoid common errors of decision-making
            • Learn about different types of data and their limitations
            • Distinguish among visualizations of data and how they assist with decision-making
            • Learn how to avoid common misinterpretations of data
            • Develop a data-driven mindset
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            The Concept of Strategy — Goals, Value, and Performance

            Drake can work withe your team to examine the contribution of strategy to the success of both organizations and individuals. We would also consider the role of strategy in providing direction and integration to the activities and decisions of the organization. 

            Suggested Objectives:

            • Understand the role of strategy in business success
            • Use a framework for strategy analysis
            • Learn the evolution of strategic management
            • Define “strategy?” How do we describe it?
            • Discover how is strategy made
            • Create strategy as a quest for value
            • Integrate performance analysis into practice
            • See beyond profit: values and corporate social responsibility
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